April 3, 2007

Bassoon and Friends! Concert

Bfriends.jpgOn April 16th at 6pm the Bassoon studio will be presenting the quasi-annual Bassoon and Friends concert in the Russell Auditorium. Works being performed include: Mozart Sonata for Bassoon and Cello; Duo from the Opera Beatriz; Pigs for bassoon quartet; Wiessenborn Duo and Trio; and many other exciting performances featuring the, of course, the bassoon! All members of the studio will be performing on this exciting concert and many will be playing with their 'friends', aka other instruments. Of course, like all events held in the Russell Auditorium, this event is free to the public!

March 7, 2007

UNI Bassoon Weblog Now Has Sound Bites

As of the posting for Devon Schroeder's Senior Recital, we have now added sound bites to the bassoon weblog. So if you see a title underlined, just click on it to hear the work being played. Of course most of you already knew this, but I thought that it was necessary to tell you this for those of us not so computer savvy.

March 1, 2007

Former UNI graduate receives Fellowship offer

Florin Loghin, a graduate from UNI (BM Bassoon Performance 2004) has been offered a Fellowship for Doctoral Studies in Bassoon Performance at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He has recently finished his Masters degree in bassoon performance from DePaul University in Chicago, IL. Florin is a native of Iasi, Romania and was recruited by Dr. David Rachor in 1999 to come to UNI. He attended a music high school in Iasi, and won many national awards at contests throughout Romania.DSCN1908.JPG

NISO Concert

The Northern Iowa Symphony Orchestra presented its final concert of the season on Wednesday, February 28th, 2006. The concert included the following: Liszt, Les Preludes; Beethoven, Piano Concerto 2, 3rd movement, Rondo; Saint-Saens, Symphony No. 3 "Organ". Bassoonists involved with the concert were: Ben Fox, Angela Staron, and Devon Schroeder. DSCN1905.JPG

February 28, 2007

Senior Recital - Devon Schroeder

DSCN1899.JPG Devon gave his senior recital on Monday, February 26th, 2006 at 6pm in Russell Hall Auditorium. He was accompanied on the piano by Kyoung Jin Park while performing: Sonatine for Bassoon and Piano by Alexandre Tansman, Concerto in F Major for Bassoon by Carl Maria von Weber. He also performed Sonata V for Bassoon and Contiuno by Francois Devienne and was accompanied by Philipp Gulidov on Cello. Devon was joined by the Capriccio Woodwind Quintet performing 2 movements from the Hindemith Kleine Kammermusik. Members of the Capriccio Quintet are: Juan Estaban, Flue; Ben Fox, Oboe; Sarah Gilpin, clarinet; Amanda Goepferich, horn. He concluded his recital with the North American premier of Obertura de la Opera "Beartriz" by F. Castanos-Rocha. He was joined with Ben Fox on bassoon to perform this duet. Quintet.jpg

Reed-maker of the semester!

Congratulations to Beth Byerly for being nominated and selected as the "Reed-Maker of the Semester" for the Fall 2006 term! In order to win this prestigious label, one must be nominated by a minimum of one peer, show an ease and comfort with reed making tools, as well as being able to perform on their own reeds regularly. The final selection is made by the professor himself. Beth has shown great aptitude on making bassoon reeds, and has already made over 15 reeds herself. Beth is a freshman music major and is originally from Cedar Falls, Ia. Keep up the excellent work!DSCN1764.JPG

Northern Festival of Bands 2007

The Northern Festival of Bands was held at UNI this past February 8-10. There were many talented musicians gathered together to make this festival a wonderful musical experience for all members of the ensemble. Both ensembles were fortunate to have talented musicians sitting in the chairs. The 9-10 band had 3 excellent bassoonists and the 11-12 band had 4 very talented bassoonists as well. During the festival the students participated in full group rehearsals, woodwind or brass sectionals, as well as individual instrument workshops. The concert was a great success and all students should be very proud of the music they made over the weekend!Bassoonists involved with this musical weekend were: Becca Kent, Kameron LeFebvre, Kelly Larson, Rachel Leeper, Robyn Odegard, Danielle Newton, and A.J. Lilienthal Northern fest3.JPG

February 6, 2007

Des Moines Symphony Bassoon Section completely from UNI

DSCN1396.JPGThe January 2007 Des Moines Symphony Concert bassoon section was comprised completely of bassoonists from the bassoon studio at UNI. Dr. David Rachor played principal; Timothy Gale (BA 1996) on 2nd; Ben Fox (BME 2000) on 3rd; and Devin Schroeder (Senior at UNI). The concert featured Mahler's Sixth Symphony, requiring almost 100 musicians to complete the musical feat. The first piece performed on the concert featured violinist Kristin Lee performing the Violin Concerto No. 1 in G minor opus. 26 by Max Bruch. More proof that UNI Bassoonists perform professionally!

December 13, 2006

Special events in the Spring at UNI

The spring is upon us soon, and we need to make sure that the bassoons are being heard! The two major events coming up in the spring Northern Festival of Bands, February 8-10, and the Scholarship Auditions February 23 and March 3. Every year the School of Music awards over $250,000 yearly in scholarship funds. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of talent and departmental need. You must have your application completed 3 weeks before either date. If you are interested in applying for scholarship, apply online at www.uni.edu/music.

November 30, 2006

David teaches in Mexico

During the week of November 3rd through the 12th, Dr. Rachor was invited to teach bassoon master classes as well as perform on Baroque Bassoon in Mexico. He taught a master class at the state conservatory of Taluca to the woodwind students on modern bassoon. Will in Taluca, he gave a performance on Baroque bassoon in a cathedral that hales an organ dating from the mid-18th century. This is a wonderful experience as a Baroque bassoonist because the organ was an original hand-pump organ - a true authentic experience! He also gave a concert in San Martin Texmelucan on the Baroque bassoon with another authentic Baroque organ. That cathedral has one of the two organs in the state that actually was equipped with an electric blower. In all, it was a very successful week for the students, concert goers, and David. DSCN1495.JPG

October 24, 2006

UNI Bassoonists teach!

DSCN0006.JPGTwo former UNI bassoon graduates are now teaching at the collegiate level. Timothy Gale, BM 1998, is adjunct bassoon professor at Drake University in Des Moines, IA. He also is the 2nd bassoonist for the Des Moines Symphony Orchestra (pictured at right). Ben Fox, BME 2000, is adjunct bassoon and oboe professor at North Iowa Area Community College. Ben has returned from teaching in the Middle East for the past 5 years.

October 3, 2006

All-State Clinic: In Review

This past Sunday was spent in celebration of the Iowa All-State Audition process here at UNI. In the bassoon area, we hosted 9 students from the surrounding areas. The first emphasis was discussing the importance of knowing the scales, playing them with accurate rhythm, articulation, and the full two octaves, or three octaves whenever possible. Then the masterclass moved onto the slower of the two etudes. The important topics discussed were: not to let the tempo slow down, if you need to take a breath make sure that you prepare for the breath, be expressive and musical, playing the embellishments in the style of the piece. The last portion was focused on the faster etude. In this etude you need to pay close attention to the articulations and maintaining a quick but manageable tempo. Students in attendance were: Anne Daily, Taylor Hart, Jessica Drobot, Chris Haak, Kaitlin Koschmeder, Danielle Newton, AJ Lilientheil, and Becca Kent. Best of luck to all students auditioning for the 2006 Iowa All-State Band and Orchestra! All-statePict.JPG

Cane is in bloom at UNI!

The cane plant that Dr. Rachor brought back from California has shot up, literally. If you look at the first post about this little plant, it was a humble sprout, and now it is over 12 feet tall, and in full bloom. The picture that you see is of the bloom - and it is an excellent example for this type of a grass, a species that UNI has never had in the greenhouse before, according greenhouse specialist Stephanie. This plant can not be used to make a reed. It will have to be chopped down, and the new growth will then be reed worthy. CaneSept.JPG

September 19, 2006

The "Must Watch Movies" list

python-figures.jpgDr. David Rachor is well known in his studio, past and present, for his movie line quotations. Without notice or warning, Dr. Rachor will start an entire monolog from any given movie, always with relevance to the lesson being taught. Watch the sight in the upcoming week for the "Must Watch Movies" list being complied by Dr. Rachor.

September 5, 2006

Great Weblog for muted fingerings and other Bassoon bits

This is a bountiful resource that has been created by the 2nd bassoonist of the London Symphony. He has a full list of possible alternate fingers - quiet, fast, pitch related, etc. for all bassoonists to enhance their performance abilities. This blog is full of humor, charm, information, and all things bassoon. http://secondbassoon.blog.com/2006/5/

August 29, 2006

All State Clinics

The All-State bassoon clinic will be held on Sunday, October 1, 2006 from 2:00 to 5:00 pm in Russell Hall on the campus of the University of Northern Iowa free of charge. This is an excellent opportunity for all interested All-State applicants to discuss and play all audition materials: scales, etudes and solo repertoire. If you are interested in attending this workshop, please contact David Rachor at drachor@uni.edu. Hope to see you there! Ferling.JPG

Welcome back Ben Fox: now a graduate bassoon student at UNI

Ben Fox.jpg Welcome back to me! I am an alum of UNI, graduated in December of 2000 with a Bachelors in Music Education. I performed with the Wind Symphony and Chamber Winds primarily while as an undergrad, as well as with the Des Moines Symphony, Cedar Rapids Symphony, Dubuque Symphony, and the U of Iowa Summer Opera programs. While at UNI, I had the opportunity to study at the Consevatoire Nationale d'Region in Angers, France with Philip Piat for a semseter during my senior year. Upon returning to UNI to finish my degree, I decided to do my student teaching overseas, as I couldn't wait to explore another culture, and I was placed in Kuwait, of all places. After returning from Kuwait and graduating, I moved to St. Paul, MN where I was a substitute teacher for the St. Paul School District. While working for St. Paul, I was hired to start a band program at a newer American school in Dubai, United Arab Emriates. After building and developing a high acheiving band program, I decided it was time to return to school to educate myself and have my Masters. I am excited to be back in the studio and approaching learning from an entirely different perspective.

March 29, 2006

Capriccio Quintet Recital and Wind Chamber Music at UNI

DSCN0412.JPGThe Capriccio Quintet, a student wind quintet at the University of Northern Iowa School of Music, gave a recital on Wednesday 29 March 2006 in Russell Hall Auditorium. The program consisted of the following works: the Joseph Haydn's Divertimento; Trois Pieces Brèves by Jacques Ibert; Kleine Kammermauik by Paul Hindemith; Suite by Gunther Schuller, and Five-Ring Circus by Russell Peck. The members of the quintet, all music majors at UNI, are as follows: Frida Linderang, Flute; Gretchen Rusch, Oboe; Megan Else, clarinet; Amanda Goepferich, horn; and Devin Schroeder, bassoon. The ensemble is coached by Dr. Thomas Tritle, professor of horn. The repertoire of this concert was of a professional caliber and shows the high performance level of this ensemble.

Here at UNI, we believe that chamber music is a very important part of the education of a professional music educator or performer. In fact, the Capriccio quintet is only one of several student wind quintets here at UNI. All the student wind quintets rehearse on a regular basis and are coached by a member of the School of Music artist/faculty. In addition, wind quintets are not the only type of wind chamber music here in the School of Music; there are chamber ensembles from the size of a Reed Trio to larger ensembles performing the Mozart Grand Partita.

March 2, 2006

Entire Des Moines Symphony Orchestra Bassoon Section from the University of Northern Iowa

The bassoon section for the Des Moines Symphony Orchestra concerts held on February 18, and 19, 2006 (photo from left to right) was as follows: Bart Meinke, Bachelor of Music, UNI 2004; Devin Schroeder, junior bassoon major at UNI; Tim Gale, Bachelor of Music, UNI 1996; and David Rachor, UNI Professor of Bassoon. The concert was entitled “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” and of course featured the bassoon section in Paul Dukas’ Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Other works on the concert were Scheherazade by Rimshy-Korsakov and Variations on a Nursery Theme by von Dohnanyi. DMSOBasn2.jpg

Can you name this plant?

At first glance, it looks like a stalk of corn. However, since you are reading a bassoon weblog you might guess that it is cane, and you would be correct. The tall plant in the photo is arundo donax, the species of giant grass that is used to make bassoon reeds. At a recent trip to Northern California, Dr. David Rachor, Professor of Bassoon at the University of Northern Iowa, obtained a rhizome of a cane plant growing along the Russian River north of Santa Rosa. Arundo donax will normally not grow in Iowa; for this reason, it is planted in the Biology Botanical Center on the campus of the University of Northern Iowa. In fact, cane will only grow in regions that have a particular climate. The climate must get cold in winter but not cold enough that there is a hard freeze. Some examples of regions where cane grows are southern France, northern California, Spain, and Italy in the northern hemisphere, and Australia and Argentina in the southern hemisphere. Cane grows extremely fast; this photo was taken only three weeks after the rhizome was planted. Soon it will have to be moved to a location with a higher ceiling since the stalk will reach a height of four to five meters. DSCN0352.JPG

November 21, 2005

Maricel Andrei


This is a rather informal photo taken of Maricel Andrei taken in the computer lab where he works.
More details later about his graduate bassoon recital on Friday, December 2, 2005

November 18, 2005

Meet Michael


Meet Michael, the logo for the bassoon studio at UNI. This is an original line drawing made by Vincent Sauvion, an artist living in Angoulême, France.

Welcome to the UNI bassoon Weblog

Welcome to the new weblog from the School of Music at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI).
This weblog will contain items of interest to the worldwide bassoon community by featuring announcements of UNI bassoon events, short articles on topics relating to the bassoon and other writings on musical topics of interest.

There will be a graduate bassoon recital given by Maricel Andrei on Friday 2 December at 6:00 pm in Russell Hall on the UNI campus. Maricel will be performing works by Weber, Mignone, Nussio, and Telemann. Maricel is a graduate student in bassoon performance from Romania.