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Collaboration Plans

Here is the spot where you'll post about your collaboration. As a reminder:
Reflect on collaboration content
Reflect on your schedules
When and how will you capture time to collaborate on each of these types of tasks?

Ex. – face to face? Which things? Electronically? Which things? Length of time depending on collaboration content?


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Rachael & Joanna:

We decided that we would collaborate on as much as possible. We have begun on observations and are compiling them together so we both have a full view of the students/classroom. Lesson planning and assessments will be worked on together first face-to-face to get a good start and idea of where we are going and then can be completed electronically (utilizing google docs). Any checklists that might need to be done or getting of materials can be divided up between the two of us as to make the work load a little less. We will be spending time talking in the car for more than 30 min a day and have a planning day to get organized each week, maybe two.


On the terms of collaboration, I feel as Ally and I have collaborated a lot thus far. We have worked together on making the teacher questionnaire about the students and the student interviews. It is nice since we both are taking time to make sure we have everything completed for our practicum on time. We both do not the like feeling of being unorganized and unprepared.

As on the terms of when and how we will capture times to collaborate on the practicum, we will use various types of communication. We all ready have collaborated on the drive over to Highland. Ally and I have talked about different questions to ask the teacher and the students. This helps putting our ideas into sentences. Also we will collaborate face to face for practicum. We will meet on the day we do not teach to make lesson plans and/or to prepare ourselves for the next big project due in practicum. When are not able to meet face-to-face, will use email to collaborate about practicum. We are able to attach documents that we can possibly use for practicum.

Caitlin Hardee:

For Phase II there are a lot of different aspects of collaboration. We will be working together to create lesson plans, decide on assessments, and share ideas with our cooperating teachers. We have decided to meet every Sunday and Wednesday to collaborate on lesson plans and other materials needed during our time at Southdale. So far things have gone really well and we have a schedule that works for both of us. Mrs. Ebensberger mentioned that we could come in to Southdale on Wednesdays to plan our lessons and find needed materials. We are very fortunate to have this opportunity because we can use her as a resource as well. We have set aside fairly decent time blocks for each meeting because we are planning to get most of our assignments done during this time. Overall, I think that our collaboration will take place face-to-face, but I am sure we will do some small items electronically.


I found the collaboration content to be helpful in the thinking process that we will have to when we begin reflecting on the lessons that we will teach. I do plan on having detailed reflections because reflecting has been a part of my educational career since attending UNI. I feel that all of the criticisms that I have previously received will lead to extensive reflections. I also feel that these reflections will assist me when I am Student Teaching because I am sure that reflecting will be a common practice. I feel that Caitlin I will be able to collaborate as much as possible because we are both willing to do whatever we need to complete the practicum assignments. We have already established two days a week (Sundays and Wednesdays) that we will meet for 2-3 + hours with one of those days actually being in the school (since our cooperating teacher does not use her room because she travels room to room) so that we have access to the materials and resources for lesson planning. We do plan on doing as much as possible face-to-face, and if something cannot be completed during our planned time, we will split the work and communicate via email or texts. We are both willing to do whatever we need to do in order to have a very successful (and hopefully as stress-less as possible) semester!

Haley McIntire:

Kim and Haley’s collaboration

We have been meeting on Thursday’s plan everything we need to do. We also talk a lot through text. We also plan out our schedule according to whenever we can fit time in. We also met this Friday to plan assessments for next week. We have been sharing things such as the student and teacher checklist electronically. We have been meeting for approximately 45 minutes each time. So far we have not had much trouble finding time to collaborate. We talk a lot at school whenever the students are not with us. I think that we have good communication about when we will meet and make time to do so. I think Thursday evenings and Friday morning and day will be the best time for us to meet and plan, since work and school time interfears more Monday-Wednesday. I also think that we will share files electronically if we absolutely cannot find time to meet.

Jen Green:

1. Reflect on collaboration content
Since my partner is a graduate assistance and not taking the Phase II course, I am taking on all the responsibilities of completing the week 1 checklist. I am becoming familiar with the school personnel, and with the students who have special needs that I will be working with. Additionally, I am taking formal field notes and familiarizing myself with the class schedule. Also, I am observing my students’ behavior in small groups, large groups, and independent work. Lastly, I am inspecting the instructional materials I will be working with and developing individual goals for my supervisor.
2. Reflect on your schedules
Ali and I will collaborate every Wednesday afternoon to reflect lessons. On Mondays and Tuesdays we will also design lessons together. We will meet face-to-face every time we meet.

Liz Bertrand:

John and I have collaborated a lot so far. We have met to create our teacher and student questionnaires as well as to gather our student assessments. We have agreed to meet whenever needed to create lesson plans as well as to plan for the upcoming weeks. Our cooperating teachers are very helpful and have stressed that if we need any materials or ideas for our lessons we are more than welcome to ask them. John and I plan to meet face to face to begin any lessons/ideas etc and utilize google docs to complete whatever we were unable to finish together. Meeting times haven't been difficult to schedule and we don't see it being a problem in the future.

John Hubbard:

Liz and I have met a few times already to get our work in order. We know that we will have to meet throughout the week to keep us in line. We both have our nights available so that we can talk and plan what we need. We have been able to discuss our thoughts following our daily classroom meetings and through email. We will be able to utilize face to face and electronic methods to collaborate. I feel that the power point really helped reiterate what we needed to consider and how we can work together effectively.

Brittany Lehner:

Phase 2 is completely based off of collaboration. So far, Sarah and I have been doing a great job of collaborating together. We created our teacher checklist together, and our student surveys. Last week we were able to meet together to discuss our plan for assessment and what we will be doing for it.
I think for the most part, we will be able to do our lesson planning together face-to-face. If we are unable to meet face-to-face, we will communicate via e-mail. We also have time to discuss things during our time at the school when we are not specifically with our students. We are planning to meet at least once a week if not twice, so that we can plan for the week and talk about dividing things up if need be. Although we are both busy and have different schedules, I know that we will be able to find time to meet.

Brienna Hayes :

Collaboration is huge in the education environment and phase 11 will bring be experience that I need to be a future educator. So far, Ashley and I have meet a few times during the week and kept in contact through out this week through text messages. We update each other with ideas or suggestions and things that we need to do for the upcoming week. We have almost all of the same classes so sometimes we are able to meet after class for an hour or two and get things figured out. So far our collaboration has been great! I am confident that it will continue to stay the same. Meeting face to face is something that I prefer so meeting after class or working around our other classes and work schedules is something we have agreed to do. We have said that if we have to meet at midnight one night then we have to meet at midnight. We can't control some of the things that pop up through out our day so we will work together and find a time that works best for the both of us! So far, we have discussed everything that we needed to accomplish during the first week, discussed and made the student/teacher interviews, discussed assessment, and things we need to accomplish for the second week.

Ally :

Brooke and I have done a good job with collaboration so far, I think. We have a lot of the same ideas on how we want to go about doing certain things, we work together with the questions we are going to ask our students during the interview, and we also work together when trying to figure out how we want to assess our students, which students we want to focus on, and how we want to go about doing it.
We have been collaborating via e-mail, text, and face to face during the car rides to and from Highland. I think that we are doing a great job, and that this practicum is going to go as smoothly as it can because we are working so well together.

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